2018年3月24日 星期六

The song

Today I want to tell everyone about that cried because of a song, this song is from movie, it is very good, my brother seen this before.

I don’t know this song, but my mom use my Jigglypuff to sing this song, and the song words changed, so I cried.

I will cry because of the song words, the song words let me think about if one day I can’t see Jigglypuff anymore.

Imagine that you cannot see your favorite doll, or your favorite things for anymore, what will you do? Cry? Laugh?

I think lots of people will choose to cry, because your favorite things is broken or been destroyed, and you will be very sad.

I learned one thing because of this song, that thing is when you got anything, when you missed that or finish that you will be sad.

In this world, there are a lot of things that you will be sad, like leaving a group or leaving your family or leaving anything.

When anything is on your hand, that thing just like it is alive, and you can think about it, when you love and that is your favorite thing you will be sad.

I think anything in this world is important, because when you lost it, you will be sad, and the most important is life.

Travel Frog 4

Today I want to tell everyone about I wrote Travel Frog this kind of blogger for four times, and today I will tell everyone about my pictures.

Today I got one picture that is sent by my frog, and he gave me a picture that I never seen before, and I asked my friends.

I asked my friend, but no one knows what happened about this picture, then I think about something, this game had new places and pictures.

When I think about this game had new places and pictures, I think this is true, because I have seen the rarest pictures, and this picture is not in that video.

I think that picture is a Japan place, because it is not in on any pictures that can easily been found so I think this is a new place.

On the Internet, there isn’t any questions and answer about the new places that the game changed, so I don’t know what places did the game add.

I think the company will add some new things to the game, and there will be many places, picture or something, I don’t know if that is true.

Before I got a lot of pictures that I already had before, and now I just get two pictures that I did not get before, and I think those pictures are very rare.

Now I have a lot of pictures, but I delete some pictures, too, because my frog went to a place second time, the pictures are the same, I will delete it.

I think this game is very good, and the places and the pictures were good to look at it, so I think when you play this game you will love it.

2018年3月22日 星期四

Travel Frog 3

Today I want to tell everyone about I took my Travel Frog to my school, and a lot of my classmates said it is very cute.

My classmate took his Travel Frog to my school before, but he can't take it to school anymore, so I bought another Travel Frog and take it to school.

My classmates said this Travel Frog is smaller, so I think it is cuter than another classmate's Travel Frog, and I feel happy.

Today is my classmate's birthday, and he gave us one cookie, and I gave my cookie to my Travel Frog.

Today I said I will take the spicy cookie to school, and give it to Travel Frog to eat, and when Travel Frog finished eating, I can eat it.

I am very happy today, because my Travel Frog is small and cute, and my classmate like it, and my classmate likes to take it to the science class.

I think today Travel Frog behaved well, because it makes me very happy, and everyone likes to hug my Travel Frog.

2018年3月21日 星期三







我現在非常想要去 3 月 30 日的戶外教學旅行,因為我可以帶他去坐纜車,讓他看風景,去台灣旅行,而且還可以拍照。






2018年3月20日 星期二

Music concert audition

Today I want to tell everyone about I go to the music concert audition today, and I didn't win so I cannot go to sing.

Someday morning, we try to practice the song and our teacher said that is not good enough, so we changed into another song.

When I am standing on the stage, I am very scared, because if I lose, I can't sing to everyone, and I really want to sing.

When we finished singing, we watched other classes to sing and dance or play a music, when we saw it, we think we can't go, because they are too good.

There is a team I think they will be chosen, but they didn't, so they can't go to sing and dance, they just can sit by and hear someone singing and playing music.

If I can go up and sing again, I don't think I can sing it better, because I didn't practice a lot, and there is someone singing faster than the song.

I think if I can go to the competition again, I don't think I can do it, so I don't want to go again next time, I just want to see the show.

2018年3月19日 星期一

Scratch 2

Today I want to tell everyone about I try to use an app called "Scratch 2", I would like to try because that I saw a video that is teaching Scratch.

I learn how to write a program, and when I finished a program, I will be very happy, and I will think I am very good at doing program.

Today I learned about how to use a cat to draw a square, triangle and other shape, when the cat is finishing the shape, I will be glad.

I learned about how to make a dog and a cat racing, and if the cat won, it will say 'I am the fastest', but if the dog won, it will not say anything.

I have a problem, when the dog won, I don't know how to let the dog say 'I am the fastest'? My Dad said you can keep learning and in the future you will know how to solve it.

The next lesson is learning how to order a person to give a ball to another people, and I am interested with that.

I think today I have learned a lot of things, like coding a program, and how to use a cat to draw a shape, I think if you want to do a program, your math needs to be good.

2018年3月18日 星期日

逆轉勝:玩 Mobile Legends

Today I want to tell everyone about that I played classic mode of Mobile Legends today, and I won hardly, the enemies are really strong.

My Dad said that we won is all because we are lucky, and I think so too, but I think we tried our best, so it is not all because of lucky.

In this game, I used Layla, because she can attack the turret without minions' assistance, so I like to use her, and when she reached above level 10, her attack speed will be very very fast.

When she reaches level 10, she even can use her normal attack to defeat an enemy, so I like to use her in classic and brawl mode.

In YouTube, someone use Layla's third skill to get savage, and I think it is strong, but my Dad said if you use Marksman, you are a starter, so I shifted to use Mage.

Marksman has fast attack speed and high damage, but HP is not very high, when you use it good, you will think Marksman is very good.

I think Layla is a good marksman, because she can attack the turret without assistance, but I know some hero can do it too, so most of the Marksman are good.